The Pit Crew

Any driver knows that the Pit Crew is the most important part of a team.

The Pit Crew helps keep the vehicle in perfect condition to keep running at its best performance.

Our beta tester team is our Pit Crew.

Without your help, feedback and suggestions, we cannot make 5th Gear a great community and we thank you for your participation.

As a Pit Crew member, you will have early access to our site and be able to use its features before anyone else. This is a great opportunity to help mold 5th Gear into the community that all car enthusiasts want to join and stick around for.

Some features are only available to Pit Crew members and cannot be seen by other members such as the private Pit Crew group and the forums topics withing the Pit Crew group.

As a Pit Crew member you will be asked to submit any recommendations, suggestions, feedback, site issue reports, and more including email surveys to help us tune our user experience on

Some ways you can provide feedback include:

  • Posting in The Pit Crew group activity or forums
  • Submitting a support ticket by navigating to the top menu then to About Us > Support.
  • Emailing me directly at
  • Submitting FAQ suggestions as tickets

Please be sure to have to your email contacts list to prevent any future emails from being sent to spam/junk folders.

Please remember that all Pit Crew members must be active on the site at least once a week, however, more time is preferred.

Failure to remain an active member, disclosing any information about 5th Gear outside of the Pit Crew, and any attempts to compete, duplicate, mimic, or use any features, designs, ideas, concepts, etc found on 5th Gear in any way outside of will result in immediate removal from the crew and possible legal action.

I hope you enjoy your time on 5th Gear and hope to see you at one of our future car meets!

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