Our Story

As car enthusiasts, we spend a lot of time online searching for nearby meetups, car shows, and car events as well as networking with other drivers who share our love for the automotive world.

The rest of our time is spent searching for parts and businesses that offer services to help us improve our rides.

We spend so much of our time hopping from one site to the next, becoming members of various car forums, posting photos of our cars and automotive projects, and admiring vehicles from other drivers.

After realizing how much time was spent site hopping and how disorganized it can be, we created Fifth Gear. An online community packed with everything automotive related to give car lovers a place to call home-page.

With Fifth Gear, you can join a social community and connect with other members, share your latest updates and photos on our activity news-feed, join or create groups for car clubs anywhere in the United States, buy and sell used or new parts and accessories in our classifieds or marketplace, find nearby car events, search for reputable automotive businesses, or talk about all things car related on our forums.

With all of our features, you will not need to go to any other site to satisfy your car enthusiast fix.

Why Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear is the product of regular car enthusiasts who work regular jobs and a normal family lifestyle.

Our staff members work on Fifth Gear on our own free time from our homes. There is no corporate office full of men in cheap suits.

Instead, we are a group of regular guys who go from working on this site, to joy riding down back roads in our own rides that we love just as much as our users do theirs.

We are dedicated to making Fifth Gear a supportive community for all of our members and put our members first above all else.

Our Future Goals

When we came up with the plan to launch Fifth Gear, we set goals to make Fifth Gear a common name in the automotive community.

Whether you are into tuners, muscle cars, classics, motorcycles, off-road, or any other machine with an engine and wheels, we want to bring everyone together in one place.

As we grow, we plan to bring real-world communities together outside of the internet with nationwide car shows, rallies, fundraisers, events, contests, and much more.

Some of our other plans in the future for Fifth Gear include native Android and Apple apps, Chapter Memberships where members receive perks, merch, and discounts at car related businesses throughout the United States.

Ready to Join?

Joining Fifth Gear is easy and completely free. Sign up today to experience the excitement yourself.

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